AVA Semarak Goes Public

Dear Valued Customers, Investors, Shareholders, Partners, Affiliates, and Stakeholders,

Today is a big day for AVA — We officially became a public company through AVA SEMARAK BERHAD, creating the pathway for equity public listing in the near future. 

Before we explain what this means for us and for you, we want to record our highest appreciation to each and every one of our valued customers and stakeholders.

Going public is an important milestone and one we couldn’t have accomplished without your support.


  • you have believed in us from the beginning and have been a customer for over the last 3 years or joined us yesterday;
  • whether you entrust us to create a single tech solution or to manage your entire company’s tech infrastructure;
  • whether you have learned tech skills from our training centre or integrated your development with ours;
  • whether you’ve partnered with us to bring our services to one or thousands of users,
  • whether you’re a first-time visitor to our websites or you’ve been a supporter all along:

Thank you very much. We really appreciate you working with AVA and supporting us.

What Does Becoming a Public Company Mean for AVA?

It means we have more resources to increase investment in the enhancement of existing AVA service platforms such as:

  • NETLINK: Website, E-Commerce, Intranet Design & Development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Domain Names & Hosting, Web Technology Service Platform
  • WORKAPP: Enterprise Mobile Apps Development, Office Productivity, HR Management, Sales Management, Inventory Management, Mobile App Technology Service Platform
  • MINDLAB: ICT Projects, Consulting, Documentation, System Analysis, Problems Solving, System Development Projects, General Technology Service Platform

and also in the new development of AVA high-value projects such as:

  • PYRONET: Marketing Communications Engine in partnership with O&G firm in Indonesia, Corporate Branding, AI Data Modelling, Augmented Reality, Trademarks & Brand Value, B2B / B2C Technology Service Platform
  • REDNOTE: Personalised After-Death Messaging Service, Life Legacy Manager, Virtual Reality & Metaverse, Digital & Physical Storages, Personal Technology Service Platform
  • BIGBYTE: Privileges & Rewards, Collaborative e-Commerce, Collaborative Digital Marketing, Merchants, Local Business Directory, Marketing Technology Service Platform

The future is being built on innovative tech solutions, and ours has been years in the making. Today, we take the next big step in bringing AVA Service Platforms to the mass market in and outside Malaysia.

While we have already helped about 500 customers through over 2200 tech solutions & tools, we plan to expand our sales and marketing efforts to bring AVA to more businesses, developers, and individuals that would benefit from easy and affordable tech services that they can trust.

With your support, we have been a successful company with rapid growth. As of 2021, we’ve successfully achieved a venture valuation of RM2.88 million, and working hard towards a target valuation of RM25 mil by year 2025.

In February this year, we’ve launched AVA FIREANT Private Equity Service Platform that offers Funding Incentives to individual collaborators in return for contracted Reserved Equity Privileges. Sales revenues from FIREANT will be used to fund AVA newcoming trade projects and acquisition of operation premises.

And Most Importantly, What Does It Mean for You?

We will expand and strengthen our service team to serve our customers better and create long-term venture values for our stakeholders.

Today’s events don’t mean that we’re different on any fundamental level. We’re still guided by the same principles, service commitments, and professionalism at work. 

The only thing that’s changing today is we now have a more robust structure and additional funding to deliver on AVA values for more customers and partners.

We will remain equally passionate about listening to and learning from our customers. Some of our most successful product features, like NETLINK, WORKAPP, and MINDLAB continue to get stronger and provide new values because of customer and community feedback. This customer-first approach remains our driving force and will give us tangible insights as we pursue the wide array of opportunities ahead. 

We want to sincerely thank every one of you. While we are proud of how far we have come, having grown from a small business with just a few people to a tech company going public, today is simply another important milestone for us.

This marks the start of a new chapter at AVA, one that we believe will change lives. Our mission, values, commitment to improving access to innovative tech solutions, and dedication to our customers will continue to fuel us over the long run. We’re thrilled to have you with AVA as we continue our journey. 

If you’d like to share your thoughts, we’d love to hear from you by commenting below. We’re looking forward to serving you now and for whatever opportunities that come next.

Reggie Tan | Managing Director


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