Premier Advocates

The Premier Advocates Program was launched in year 2018-2019 to solicite sponsorships for the setup of AVA Low Cost Computer Coaching Center (LCCC).

Each sponsorship package was priced at RM3,000. The AVA Premier Advocates Program was a joint early-funding plan for individuals to advocate our LCCC Center so that more Malaysians can benefit from this effort.

The program and the LCCC project was terminated in March 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic and implementation of MCOs in Malaysia.

AVA Low Cost Computer Coaching

With the support from our groups of corporate, business, and individual sponsors, AVA was able to provide classes and training facilities that benefit over 700 Penangites from all walks of life through  our affordable computer upskilling lessons. We hope that the knowledge gained from AVA LCCC will help learners in innovating their work and bring creativity at play.