Innovate Problem Solving

Create Employment Opportunities

Create Partnership Opportunities

Progressive Management of Ventures

Grow Business Valuation

Create Positive Impacts for Society

Wealth Creation for Shareholders

Create Valuable Malaysia Brand

Trusted Tech Innovator

Brand Statement

Our corporate tagline encapsulates the spirit of the AVA venture, which drives us to innovate intelligently and deliver quality problem-solving results systematically since our inception.

Brand Vision (What We Are Aiming to Become)

To develop into a high-value venture via aggressive valuation acceleration.

Brand Mission (What We Will Provide to Stakeholders)

Building purposeful businesses using leading-edge, proprietary technologies to provide good-quality products and services that contribute to the advancement of culture, science, technology, and industry.

Guiding Principles [What Steer our Business Conducts]


We will empower our clients with technology to succeed in their objectives.


We will ensure quality products and services through engaging controls.


We will innovate by adopting new technologies in creating solutions.


We will strictly comply to the laws and regulations.


We will undertake positive impacts & philanthropy projects to benefit the society.


We will foster partnerships, both internal and external to collaborate towards common goals.


We will increase and protect our financial assets as critical resources for growth.

AVA promotes Strategic Philanthropy

We believe that by incorporating philanthropy work within our business ecosystem, we can allocate a fraction of our profits for sustaining significant positive changes to the society. AVA concentrates largely on empowering the society through sharing of knowledge and important digital skill sets. We believe that knowledge is the best tool to escape poverty. Secondly, AVA pledges to provide for public causes that we deeply care about.

  • Education Scholarships for Deserving Students
  • Employment & Aid for Women in Poverty
  • Healthcare Assistance for the Aged & Infirm

We know that the world is not always bright. But we believe that it is better to light a candle than cursing the darkness.