Among the causes that AVA supports include:

Education Scholarships and ICT Upskilling Programs

Employment Opportunities for Women in Poverty

Financial and Medical Assistance for the Poor, Aged & Infirm

Corporate Philanthropy

We know that the world isn’t always bright. So we’re lighting a candle instead of cursing the darkness.

The AVA Semarak Corporate Philanthropy Blueprint outlines our investments , strategic plans, and business activities that we voluntarily undertake to responsibly manage and account for the society we serve. Everyone within the AVA business ecosystem feels that it is our social responsibility to build a positive workplace culture by showing gratitude and giving back to the communities that helped make us profitable.

AVA Semarak’s Philanthropic investments and activities include:

  • Donations of money
  • Donations of products
  • In-kind services
  • Technical assistance
  • Skills training
  • Volunteering
  • Grant, scholarship, and sponsorship

Since its incorporation in 2018, AVA has donated percentages of its profits to charity and philanthropy causes. As the business continues to grow in size, market dominance, and profitability, we will continue to pledge our resources and time to support causes that we deeply care for.

In year 2022, AVA launches its AVA GEMCUBE service platform to allow interactions with the community and provide philanthropy investments and activities for enrollments. 

To discuss philanthropy or to explore opportunity to collaborate on a charity work, contact us at [email protected] to start a conversation. Also, follow our Facebook Page for periodic updates about AVA GEMCUBE and our philanthropy activites.