• Venture Education
  • FIREANT Networking Forum
  • 2% – 7% Reward Points into BIGBYTE e-wallet
  • Free Gifts Redemptions
  • Emergency Cash Program *
  • Access to AVA GEMCUBE
  • Annual Dividends
  • Future Exit Bonus
  • Cashbacks up to 40%
  • Conditional Shareholding


AVA successfully achieved a venture valuation of RM2.88 million as of 2022. Following this breakthrough, we incorporated AVA SEMARAK BERHAD to equip the Company with facilities to provide equity benefits & privileges to our collaborators and advocates. With 3 high-value projects currently in the go-to-market stage, AVA SEMARAK is aiming to achieve a venture valuation of RM25 million by year 2025. 

FIREANT [ Funding Incentives via Reserved Equity for AVA Newcoming Trades ] is AVA SEMARAK’s private equity service platform that offers Funding Incentives to early collaborators in return for contracted Reserved Equity Privileges. Sales revenues from FIREANT will be used to fund AVA newcoming trade projects. We are inviting interested and qualified parties to support the AVA ventures through the FIREANT platform.

Prices and Phases
Phase 1 of AVA FIREANT: ACCESSION is offering first 250 VVT units in 2022. Each VVT unit is priced at RM5800. To commemorate its official launching, we’re offering RM1000 discounts off these 250 Units. A total of 1250 VVT units will be issued under the ACCESSION stage, accumulating a total targeted revenue of RM7 million.

Not an Investment Program
This is not an investment program. You’re buying FIREANT VVT units that allow you to access and use AVA FIREANT. The VVT defines your equity privileges and determines your risks, potential rewards, and the level of privileges you can expect in return. In return for your support, AVA rewards you through equity privileges, gifts and other bonuses when it achieves its business performance targets.

Conditional Shareholding
Unless you satisfy the conditions as spelled out under the Conditional Shareholding Agreement, you are not entitled to actual shareholding of AVA SEMARAK BERHAD. You are however, entitled to the benefits and privileges of the equity in the form of
1. Annual Dividends and
2. Exit Bonus as defined in your FIREANT VVT subscription terms and conditions.
The shares remain in the ownership of AVA SEMARAK BERHAD under the custodian of its founder.

Return Rates
All numbers as stipulated in the privileges and benefits are based on the commitments of our hardwork and performance targets that we have set out to achieve. The numbers can vary depending on the actual business performance. In reality, the numbers can be lower or higher.

Return Arrangements
All rewards are in the form of Reward Points which will be credited to your AVA Bigbyte e-wallet. You can then use the points to exchange for gifts and other products. There will be no cash returns with the exception of Annual Dividends (if announced) and the single Exit Bonus, which will then be credited to your bank account registered with us when you sign up to the FIREANT.

Batch Fulfilment
We will only start providing Annual Reward Points after a FIREANT phase or batch is fulfilled. For example, there are 250 VVT units provided under FIREANT (Stage: Accession – Phase 1). The batch fulfilment arrangement is important to ensure AVA has sufficient funds to achieve its business objectives before able to generate the contracted returns.

Common Business Risks
All business ventures come with a fair amount of business risks. To protect everyone in the venture, AVA will initiate the inclusion of venture safety nets in the form of earning growths, purchase of property assets, development of intellectual property digital assets, and more. Understand all risks before subscribing.


Features & Privileges of AVA FIREANT

Venture Education
Entrepreneurship support via FIREANT Venture Education to equip the up-and-coming startups with real world experiences to create better technology innovations.

FIREANT Networking Forum
Engage in written discussions and exchange ideas, comments, questions and answers with other FIREANT members.

2% – 7% Reward Points into BIGBYTE e-wallet
Get Reward Points in AVA Bigbyte e-wallet. Use them to purchase other merchants’ products through the Bigbyte e-commerce website. Actual rates vary depending on business performances.

Free Gifts Redemptions
VIP Access to AVA BigByte Free Gifts & Redemptions. Free samples, vouchers, hotel stays, etc.

Emergency Cash Program *
We’re here during those S.O.S .moments. Get cash aid in cases of emergency. Terms & conditions apply.

AVA GEMCUBE is a close-system Charity and Philanthropy project of AVA SEMARAK BERHAD. Get access to financial aids such as scholarships, healthcare supports for the aged and infirm, and employment opportunities for single mothers and women in poverty. AVA GEMCUBE Terms & Conditions apply.

Annual Dividends
Enjoy extra annual dividends sharing based on your equity privilege if and when dividends are decided and announced by AVA SEMARAK BERHAD.

Future Exit Bonus
Enjoy a one-time exit bonus (target up to 10X) when AVA SEMARAK BERHAD successfully completes its strategic exit in the future. The Exit Bonus also marks the auto-termination of the FIREANT program. Actual Bonus rate vary depending on the exit valuation. There is no guarantee that AVA SEMARAK BERHAD will and can successfully exit the venture but this is a strategic long-term goal of the Company.

Cashbacks up to 40%
Get up to 40% Cashbacks when you purchase other AVA Products.

Conditional Shareholding
FIREANT subscribers are customers and not investors. Shareholding is only permissible strictly in compliance to these terms & conditions:
1. FIREANT VVT Holder is already an existing shareholder of AVA SEMARAK BERHAD.
2. Sole VVT ownership of 10 units and above.
Equity transfer filing with SSM will be carried out only once a year.