AVA SEMARAK (AVA) is a Malaysian information technology company. AVA operates 7 business divisions that provide services using modern software, offering solutions targeting explicit sets of function, industry, and client base. Since 2018, we continue to supply our customers with powerful and scalable computing solutions, transformations, and values. AVA currently serves both the Malaysia and Indonesia markets. 

as of 30/06/2023

We utilise our knowledge and skills in system technology – and our extensive experiences in industry operations to bridge the gaps between business challenges and solutions. Modern technology offers new, unique, innovative, and powerful capabilities to problem solving and opportunity exploration. AVA serves our customers from diverse industries through core business divisions and services, which include:

MYR 4.91 mil

High Value Contracts

Total local and foreign contracts


Avg. Revenue

Average revenue per transaction


Since Established

Steady growth of income and profit

2 countries

Market in Focus

Malaysia and Indonesia clientele

5 states

Coverage in Malaysia

Via satellite offices and partnerships

70+ Team

Task Force

Agents, collaborators and associates


Personal Users

Personal user of products and services


Corporate Users

Commercial user of products and services

MYR 2.4 mil

Technology Value

Value of systems and solutions marketed

Nature of Business

Technology Venture

AVA exploits and capitalises on technologies and transforms such technologies into new products, services, or solutions for rapid business growth and attainment.

Venture Valuation

AVA aggressively accelerates its venture valuation to create a strong economic value of the venture, preparing the venture for public listings and future exit opportunities.

Systems Engineering

AVA designs, integrates, and manages complex systems. Such systems are made available either via the AVA trademarked digital platforms or custom solutions for our clients.

Digital Platforms

AVA offers Platforms as a Service (PaaS) composed of people, processes, and tools that enable the exchange of information, products, services, and communities of the platforms.

ICT Projects

AVA embarks on special projects on acquiring, sourcing, or improving ICT infrastructure or computer systems in collaboration with business entities or government agencies.

Strategic Philanthropy

AVA integrates philanthropy objectives into its overall goals, missions, values, and operations. The company focuses on impact-driving education, women in poverty, and the aged & infirm.

Assets, License and IP

AVA acquires both digital and fixed assets and uses such assets as a monetization element through licensing and use of its intellectual properties such as trademark, system, or building.

People Solutions

AVA designs innovative solutions and services that are people-centric. We are concerned with how users behave at every key touchpoint of the experience journey from onboarding to exit.

Technology Areas of Development

Mobile & Cloud

Mobile & cloud computing technology makes it possible to deliver and execute high-quality applications on mobile or desktop devices, regardless of the latter's operating system, storage capability, and computing tasks

Database & Analytics

Development of database structures and analytics abilities such as Predictive Analysis, Knowledge Discovery Tools, Stream Analytics, In-Memory Data Fabrication, Data Visualization, and other data processing methodologies.

Website & SEO

Natural language processing (NLP) capabilities, search intent analysis behind search phrases, natural language generation and mapping, term frequency analytics, and website content designing for optimum search engine rankings.

eCommerce & eTrade

Software that supports and optimizes the exchange of information, products, services, and interactions between sellers and buyers in a secured environment. Related intelligent management systems for analytics and data-driven decisions.

ICT Infrastructure

Improving ICT infrastructures through acquisition of enterprise servers, highspeed internet access, wired and wireless access, data centre and storage facilities, virtual and remote assets management, and computer hardware.

Security & Privacy

Technology that supports enterprise security & privacy audit to safeguard data and identities. Development and integration of defensive artificial intelligence in software to detect or stop attacks, Smart recovery technology for quicker revival.

Big Data

Leveraging the power of data to transform business through informed decision making and data-driven learning process. Development and integration of data quality audit software, machine language and natural language intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence

Technology that supports the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, through computer systems. Specific applications of AI include expert systems, natural language processing, speech recognition and machine vision.

Internet of Behaviors

Technologies that study the behaviours of system users, for example usage pattern, buying behaviours, actions and habits and more. IoB technologies help in the effective design of user system experience, search optimization and marketing options.


Blockchain technology stores transactional records, also known as the block, in several databases, known as the “chain,” in a network connected through peer-to-peer nodes. The goal of blockchain is to allow digital information to be recorded and distributed, but not edited, deleted, or destroyed.

Mixed Reality

Blend of physical and digital worlds, unlocking natural and intuitive 3D human, computer, and environmental interactions through computer software and hardware. Future integration for education, entertainment, and personalised messaging.

Governance & Policy

Technology that enables businesses to innovate in how they achieve regulatory goals and find the most efficient way to comply. Integrates the designing, piloting, and scaling forward-looking, interoperable, and trustworthy policies to propel innovation and accelerate responsible use of data and system.

Quality Partnership with AVA SEMARAK

At AVA SEMARAK our focus is creating successful business partnerships with our customers. A leading reason our customers partner with us is because of our track records in successfully bridging business or industry needs with the right technology, creating immense values to our customers. We’re businessmen with tech expertise.

Bridging the Gap

Our in-depth understanding of business and the industry we serve helps us to accurately apply technology as an enabler to achieving business goals and innovative problem solving.

ROI Focused

Our solutions yield ROI for your business by resolving pain-points, increasing productivity, enhancing performance, and creating new opportunities. We empower you to achieve more.

Genuine Expertise

With over 2200 solutions built and deployed, our team of consultants have the system engineering and integration processes down to a science.

Hands-On Consultants

We systematically work with clients to tackle the situation at hand through skillful application of tools, techniques, and experience. This allows clients to make comprehensive decisions from start to finish.

Proven Track Records

Our track record speaks for itself. With 99% business client retention and over 2200 solutions successfully built and deployed. Partnership with MNC tech companies for technology transfer.

Competitive Pricing

Keeping customers’ budget in mind and ensuring the best-fit in money for value exchange. Our rates remain one of the most competitive in the market amongst agencies our size and capabilities.

Rapid Prototyping

Our access to latest technology allows to rapidly build prototypes and system trials for our customers, allowing discussions and enhancements to be carried out with a model of what is being built.

Skills Transfer

Knowledge transfer starts on day one. That way clients’s workforce will have the skills and confidence to successfully maintain and enhance the functionality of the system when needed.

Access to Tech Resource

Modern technology enables users to achieve more. Our partnership with giant MNC tech companies allow integration of the best-grade technology and features for our clients.

Open Communication

To save time, money and any possibility of an unfit relationship, we keep all communication transparent and documented. To ensure no room for error, all documents are reviewed and digitalized for refences.