Our team has extensive corporate and on-the-ground experience developing and implementing sustainability ICT strategies and programs in these industries.

AVA aims to focus on businesses and the people behind the products and services – delivering a mix of solutions and services on key sectors from across the spectrum of the market.

The ASEAN economies have achieved consistently high economic growth rates over the past decide and a half . This has been made possible by prudent macroeconomic policies, relatively open and trade investment regimes, and access to developed country export markets.

This period has seen a shift in the structure of the ASEAN economics as both services and manufactured have grown significantly, both as a source of national output and also of employment.

AVA will stay focused within the ASEAN market and delivering top-notch solutions across a wide spectrum of key industry players.

Industry Focus

Information Technology

System engineering services, system services, Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (Paas).

Oil and Gas

Upstream, Midstream and Downstream Management Application Systems

Logistics & Transport

Process Management Systems, Tracking & Trailing, Data Analytics, Real Time Communication

Marketing & Adverts

CRM, Community, Targets & Leads Management, Campaign Management, Data Analytics

Personal Users

After Death Personal Messaging, Rent and Hire, Financial Services


Process Management Systems, Tracking & Trailing, Data Analytics, Real Time Communication

Professional Services

CRM, Real Time Communication, Process Automation, Central Service Centre


Mass Scale Gamification, Asset Management, CRM, Augmented Reality

Public Services

Skills Development, Drone and Aviation, Public Benefit Projects

News & Media

Virtual Reality, Metaverse, Public Relations Management, Speech and Media Data Centre