AVA SEMARAK at a Glance

AVA SEMARAK BERHAD (“AVA” / “The Group” / “The Venture”) was founded in 2018. Formerly known as AVA Netlink Malaysia Sdn Bhd, AVA entered into the Information Technology industry and has since focused our core business on the development and production of service-provider technology platforms across the World Wide Web, Mobile Applications, and recently the Virtual Reality Metaverse.

AVA has continued to grow with a focus on continuous technological innovation, talent development, and strengthening core competitiveness, all the while staying committed to sustainable development. Since 2022, AVA has achieved a venture valuation totaling over 2.88 million MYR, and more than 2,220 successful deployment of technology assets bearing the AVA trademarks.

AVA is committed to becoming a regionally competitive and influential innovative technology enterprise and leading service provider for both the commercial and personal sectors, engaged in the  development of tech services, mobility services, digital marketing technology, financial services, and virtual reality technology.

Headquartered in Penang, AVA today owns and manages a number of brands: AVA NETLINK, AVA MINDLAB. AVA WORKAPP (previously fatcodes.com), AVA FIREANT, AVA HIALICE,  AVA GEMCUBE, AVA CA$HFLO, AVA UPSCALE, AVA REDNOTE, AVA PYRONET, and AVA BIGBYTE. 

AVA places great importance on fulfilling our social responsibility. The Group actively supports causes such as education,  women in poverty, and aid for the poor, aged and sick. In 2022, AVA launched its “AVA GEMCUBE” service platform targeting corporate philanthropy campaign which has seen AVA invest money and effort in CSR activities, contributing to Malaysia’s effort to Capitalise on Digital Economy.

AVA recently launched the “AVA FIREANT Early Technology Adopter Initiative”, which set out a  series of measures to provide early collaborators with income growth plan, family protection plan and  retirement wealth plan. This is part of the Group’s shift from products-orientation to customers-orientation.

Corporate Logos & Taglines

Year 2018-2019

Positive Impacts

Year 2020

Digital Solutions

Year 2021

Capitalizing Digital Economy

Year 2022 - Present

Daya Inovasi Semarak Api

Vision, Mission & Guiding Principles


Achieve High-Value Target

To become a high-value venture through aggressive valuation acceleration.


Building Purposeful Businesses

Building purposeful businesses using leading-edge, proprietary technologies to provide good-quality products and services that contribute to the advancement of culture, science, technology and industry.

Guiding Principles


We will enable our customers to succeed in their objectives.


We will ensure quality products and services through quality control measures.


We will innovate by adopting new technologies in building our solutions.


We will comply with the laws and legislations.


We will create positive impacts to the society through our philanthropy works.


We will work as a partnership, internally and externally.


We will protect our financial assets as critical resources for growth.