Year 2018-2019

Positive Impacts

Year 2020

Digital Solutions

Year 2021

Capitalizing Digital Economy

Year 2022 - Present

Daya Inovasi Semarak Api



AVA was first incorporated as AVA NETLINK MALAYSIA SDN BHD in OCTOBER 2018. The venture went through its STARTUP stage in 2019 and successfully achieved its financial targets. It then went through 2 years of Covid-19 and lockdowns. AVA continued to operate throughout 2020 and 2021 under challenging economic circumstances. Several projects were terminated, postponed, or revised. Still, the venture emerged stronger with new growth opportunities and achieved its targeted profits during these periods. AVA effectively remained as a profitable venture since its inception, with great support from its customers and partners.


In December 2021, AVA went through its first round of capital raising and successfully realized a venture valuation of RM2.88 million. In January 2022, AVA NETLINK MALAYSIA SDN BHD was renamed as AVA SEMARAK BERHAD, and converted from a private limited to a public limited company. AVA increased its paid-up capital to prepare the company for large-scale collaborations and business contract opportunities.

Working Model

AVA’s working models involve:

  • Implementing public-scale service platforms.
  • Dedicate a percentage of profits for philanthropy and public-benefit projects.
  • Aggressively accelerate company valuation for strategic exit in the future.
  • Collaborate with MNC tech companies for technology transfers and access.
  • Train and educate the younger generations on digital skills and empower the society with ability to capitalize on the digital economy.

Values Development

Today AVA has grown into a multi-million tech venture. Our products and services are adding abundant values to our customers from diversified industries. Our customers love our service quality and our fair-pricing. Work professionalism, innovative problem-solving approaches, and quality deliverables remain the core competitive advantages for us at AVA and we will continue to develop and strengthen our brand reputation.

The attainment of high-value business contracts with reputable local and overseas corporations have provided AVA with new opportunities and financial gains. Today, 95% of AVA customers are contracted between 2 to 5 years’ service period, allowing AVA to effectively design long-term collaboration strategies as a tech provider partner to our customers in this high-growth tech industry.  


AVA will continue to advance its business divisions and work in preparation for public listing on a stock exchange, allowing the company to meet its long-term goals and potentials to greater heights.