Entrepreneurship Training

  1. Fundamentals
  2. Incorporation of a Business
  3. What is Your Business Selling?
  4. Monetization Targets
  5. Costs of Monetization
  6. Pricing
  7. Customer Segments
  8. Competition
  9. Differentiation
  10. Marketing and Selling
  11. Scalability
  12. Exit and Valuation
  13. After Seminar Benefits


The Perintis-19 group was the pioneer group of customers during the pre-launch phase of AVA SEMARAK BERHAD. Two sessions of the seminar was held at Penang’s Jerejak Island Resort on 12/12/2019 and 19/12/2019.

The Perintis.19 seminar was an entrepreneurship training program where participants were taught about entrepreneurship, business management skills, and the AVA Business Ecosystem.

Shareholding of AVA SEMARAK BERHAD

Perintis participants were each allocated 3000 units of AVA Semarak Berhad equity when the company was converted from Sdn Bhd to Berhad in January 2022. 

Being the first collaboration project between AVA and its customers, AVA Perintis-19 customers are now shareholders of the company.  The Perintis-19 group was given early insights to the AVA business model and our strategic plans to develop and grow the venture. 

The essence of the Perintis19 seminar is about customer collaboration. Thank you for this amazing experience.